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North Ponds Park

A few nights ago I convinced my wife to fish North Ponds Park. It's usually not hard to convince her to go fishing since she loves fishing almost as much as I do. She needed convincing because last year when we fished this pond she didn't have much luck.

When we got to the water we parked the car next to the dead railroad tracks. We didn't have to set the rods since we left them set up from our last trip. So we quickly started towards the pond. It's not a far walk, maybe 50 yards at most. Up and over the dead tracks and then past the trees and then there it is....North Ponds Park. It is called that because there is one more pond put it is for swimming and not fishing.

Once we were at the water we could see that the shoreline weeds that are normally there had been cut down. This provided us with plenty of shoreline to fish from. As we were watching the water we saw a lot of surface action. The sunfish were rising for all the bugs that were just above the water. We got excited but before I'd let Crystal fish I wanted to take a few pictures....got to have photo documentation!

We started to fish and it was slower than we thought. We were tossing our sperm flies and didn't have the frequency of hits that we were expecting. Within a few casts however I did catch a bluegill. It was a medium sized one that had taken the fly deeper than I could release using just my hands. So like any good fisherman would do I reached for my forcepts. THEY WERE GONE! This might not seem like a big deal to most people, but for me....I called in the blood hounds....I had to find those forcepts. I had been given those by my father when my grandpa passed away. I have lost those in muddy rivers and still somehow found them. I knew that I had to find them again. I quickly called my wife who let me use hers to release the fish. Once the fish was free from the hook I started to retrace my steps. I made my way back to the car, the whole time talking to the forcepts as if they were human and could hear me and would help me find them again. As I crossed the train tracks I kept my eyes focused on the ground, looking for anything shiney that might be my grandpa's forcepts. I didn't see them on the ground so when I got to the car I decided I'd better check inside to make sure I didn't just forget them. When I went to open the trunk.....there they were. Sitting on my car's trunk, perfectly lined up as if it was a decoration that was made just for the car. Some wonderful stranger must have seen them and known that they were mine. I was so glad to see that those forcepts once again had acted like a homing pigeon and found it's way home.

With my forcepts once again secured to my clippers I made my way back to the water where I told Crystal the great news. I started fishing again and found the fish were more willing to strike then they had been a few minutes earlier. Even though the fishing wasn't as fast as we thought it would be based on the rising of the fish when we arrived, but we caught probably 20+ fish each in the one hour we fished...and I had my forcepts!!!

Author - MIKE
Date - 5/8/02