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Larkin Creek Pond: The First Trip

Larkin Creek Pond is a small pool of water that is fed by Larkin Creek, hence the name. This pond has been around for as many years as I know. It is across from where I went to junior high school a few years ago (actual number may vary depending upon who you ask).

Recently my wife and I started off for a little fishing one night and decided to try this pond. We had seen it but never had the chance to fish it. When we pulled up we questioned wether or not we had the legal right to fish it. Without wanting to cause any trouble we decided that I would ask the owner of the house closest to the pond. This is completely against what I normally would do. I'm usually too chicken to do something like that. I guess what my grandpa did years ago has finally come to be of worth to me. He use to stop by farm houses and ask if he could fish the "cricks" that ran through their property. We fished at least one of those that I remember. Well, with this in mind I made my way to the door of the house. After I rang the door bell a lady answered and I asked if the water was private. She seemed confused by the question but then her husband asked if we wanted to fish it. I told him that fishing was our intent. The woman than asked "you aren't going to hurt the ducks are you?" I assured her that hurting anything more than a few fishes lips was more than we had in mind. We then were told that we could fish the water and that it wasn't private at all and that kids fish there all the time. The woman did say "I don't think there are any fish in there." I then told her to keep an eye on us because we were hoping to prove her wrong.

We drove another 10 yards and parked the car. Crystal, McKee and I got out and got the rods. We started to fish. The water was pretty clear for about 10 feet out and then it lost clearity as it deepened. We didn't see many fish at the start but after a few casts we knew that the fish were in there. We were casting to bluegills and redears that were ready to investigate the fly but not to willing to strike. Even with there lack of desire I was able to catch a bluegill within a few minutes. The husband came out and said "that was quick." What can I say? I'm good ! ! !

For the next hour or so we fished and were able to pull in a few each. None of them were huge but it's always good to fish a new place and have some luck.

Author - MIKE
Date - 4/25/02